Single Barrel Straight Rye A Hit With Retailers & Restauranteurs Alike

Single Barrel Straight Rye A Hit With Retailers & Restauranteurs Alike

BRISTOL, PA — Craft spirits aficionados have probably noticed the ever-growing popularity of single barrel straight whiskey, particularly over the last few years. But what is it, exactly, that makes this specially crafted expression so enticing to fans of craft whiskey?

The allure of these rare spirits is unique, both in the flavor and the singular quality of the carefully cultivated product.

Produced outside of a larger batch, the undiluted nature of single barrel whiskey delivers a bolder, more robust, taste. Each bottle, typically featuring a hand-written barreled-on-date, bottled-on-date and cask (aka barrel) number, is taken from an individual source and, therefore, boasts its own set of distinct characteristics.

“Single barrel whiskey provides an excellent opportunity to see a slightly different side to the more familiar expressions of many favorite brands. When retailers or restaurants buy single-barrel bottlings, it allows them to offer something truly unique which is not available anywhere else”, says Brian Freedman, a spirits expert for and Whisky Advocate contributor.



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