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Dad’s Hat Scores Best In Show from Ascot Awards

As you may have seen, a Dad’s Hat Single Barrel selection that was submitted to Fred Minnick’s Ascot Awards received a Double Platinum medal and was chosen Best in Class to compete for the overall Best in Show award. We were up against single barrel selections from some of the big boys in the industry (Heaven Hill/Elijah Craig – Jim Beam/Knob Creek – Wild Turkey/Russel Reserve).

This particular barrel that was selected in collaboration with our distributor in New York, PM Spirits. They market special selections like this as part of their Collab (oration) series and use these selections to raise the profile of the brands involved – as well as their own. We are proud to announce that Dad’s Hat Collab Single Barrel Straight Rye won BEST IN SHOW in their Best Single Barrel Pick Competition.

Watch Fred Minnnick’s tasting session video here to see the results.

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Dad’s Hat Featured in Comprehensive Guide of Diverse Drinks The importance of diverse and unique beverage menu is the key. While cocktails and spirits have been long-standing favorites, the modern cusumer seeks more. There’s a preference shift, a desire for variety, and a penchant for memorable experiences. […]

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Whiskey Raiders Reviews Dad’s Hat Classic Rye A Pennsylvania rye distillery, Dad’s Hat has been in the game for years at this point, slowly and determinedly trudging forward with the intent to make authentic Pennsylvania-style rye whiskey that can’t be ignored. This craft producer is distilling and bottling its own whiskey. This is the distillery’s flagship expression, bottled at 45% ABV. Let’s dive in.


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Food & Wine: Dad’s Hat Maple Finish Rye – Local maple syrup producers first age their liquid in these casks, which then are filled with Dad’s Hat’s excellent rye. The result is full of honey-coated nuts — pecans, walnuts, almonds — as well as maple pralines and orange marmalade, all tingling with just the right amount of rye spice.


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Men’s Journal: If you’ve never tried Dad’s Hat Rye, now’s your chance. While you can’t go wrong with its flagship Classic Rye, we suggest getting a little wild and trying its unique Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Vermouth Finish Rye.


The Best Rye Whiskey Under $50 Dad’s Hat typifies the Old Monongahela style, with a mash bill of 80 percent rye, 15 percent malted barley and 5 percent malted rye. It presents a nose of aromatic wood and baking spice, along with flavors of lychee, Christmas spices and cinnamon candy.


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SevenFifty Daily: These U.S. producers are adapting a Scottish practice to make whiskeys by blending barrels from select craft distillers.


US spirits exports rebound after tariff removal

The Spirits Business: “It’s great the tariffs are lifted, but it’s going to take a bit more time for us to get the momentum back,” said Herman Mihalich, founder and distiller of Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey in Pennsylvania. “Returning to these important international markets has been challenging.”


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The U.S. has been in the midst of an unprecedented bourbon boom for over a decade now, and given its rich history even before its latest surge in popularity, it’s fair to say that the classic Kentucky spirit (95% of all bourbon is made in Kentucky, per LuxRow Distillers) is now firmly entrenched as the classic American spirit.



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