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NY Times Is On the Trail of Pennsylvania’s One-of-a-Kind Whiskey

Old Monongahela rye is having a comeback. A distillery road trip tells the story of its fall and rise, with Alexander Hamilton playing the villain.


Mashed Adds Dad’s Hat to “Best Rye You Need To Try” List

It’s funny how a drink’s popularity goes in cycles. For the first few centuries of our nation’s history, rye was the spirit of choice for all discriminating drinkers. While nearly all alcoholic beverages went underground during Prohibition, rye unlike other spirits somehow never fully recovered after the repeal.


Fred Minnick Honors Dad’s Hat Bonded Rye on Annual Top 100 List

Cheers to the new year! Whiskey expert and industry influencer Fred Minnnick has officially released his roster of “Top American Whiskeys of 2021”. This year, Dad’s Hat Bottled In Bond Straight Rye landed at the 55th spot on this year’s roundup and is the only other Pennsylvania whiskey to make an appearance other than Pittsburgh’s Liberty Pole Spirits.

Dad’s Hat Rye Distiller Herman Mihalich is honored with being recognized for helping bring back this traditional spirit and says, “No doubt that Pennsylvania rye whiskey is now on Fred’s radar. It is great that he explores categories and whiskeys that are not the usual big-name brands.”

Read the full list from to find out where Mr. Minnick lists your favorites.


Spice Up Your Home Bar with the Best Rye Whiskeys

As temperatures drop and a dram of whiskey by the fire begins to sound like a good idea, it’s time to spice up your home bar. If you love bourbon, rye’s sassy baking spice character and cocktail versatility is well worth a try. It’s made from rye grain—the same ingredient found in distinctively earthy rye bread—so if you love the loaves, you might want to give this whiskey a try.

Read the full article from Saveur magazine to see where Dad’s Hat Rye lands on the list.


Tariffs on U.S. whiskey makers set to double in June

CNBC’s Frank Holland reports tariffs on whiskey exports to Europe will rise from 25 percent to 50 percent starting June 1. This could be a crippling blow to the American whiskey industry. Dad’s Hat Rye Founder Herman Mihalich joins to discuss the ongoing effects the tariffs are having on craft whiskey producers.

Dad’s Hat Distillery Earns “International Craft Producer of the Year”

On March 26th at an awards ceremony that was held remotely from London — virtually via a Facebook live stream to contestants due to the Coronavirus outbreak — Dad’s Hat Rye was named as the “International Craft Producer of the Year” by Whisky Magazine for 2020, beating out regional winners from all over the world.


Dad’s Hat on the Best Whiskeys list this holiday season

Philly Inquirer food and spirits guru Craig LaBan has published his Best Whiskeys list for this holiday season. Among some fabulous competition, our Dad’s Hat Straight Rye made the list with a nod to its “richer mouthfeel and deeper concentration to the drink”. Check out the entire article at the jump below.


Dad’s Hat Among Food & Wine Magazine’s 20 Sustainable, Socially-Conscious Producers

Food & Wine contributor Brian Freedman recently cast the spotlight on 20 whiskeys, wines and other spirits that take sustainable production to the next level. Dad’s Hat is proud to make this list and join our fellow socially-conscious wine and spirits producers as we strive to make everything we do “the right way”. Hit the jump below for the full list.


Dad’s Hat Rye Now Available in Oklahoma

Whiskey fans and friends – the wait is over! Dad’s Hat Rye is expanding into Oklahoma. Our full line of farm-to-bottle rye whiskeys is now available in the Sooner State and we are proud to partner with our spirits distributor in the region, Republic National Distributing Co. (aka RNDC).

Tell your local retailer or bar/restaurant or venue to ask them to bring it in. Or, if you have a favorite place in OK, let us know & we’ll make the connection.

RNDC also represents Dad’s Hat in Texas. Check out Dad’s Hat availability in other states or around the world at our distributors page.

Flavors of Philly profiles the Dad’s Hat Rye distillery

Visit Philly profiles notable tourism destinations around the Greater Philadelphia area with their Flavors of Philly series. First up: Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey in Bristol, PA. Check out the distillery and others along the Whiskey Rebellion Trail, highlighting the mid-Atlantic region’s role as the true birthplace of American whiskey.


Fred Minnick reviews Dad’s Hat Straight Rye Whiskey

Fred Minnick, who has developed a very strong reputation in the whiskey biz with his YouTube channel “The Curation Desk”, recently did a live tasting on his weekly YouTube broadcast and had some very nice things to say about our Dad’s Hat Straight Rye Whiskey.

We totally agree with Fred’s quote… “This is how a rye is supposed to taste.”

Watch Fred’s full video with your whiskey-loving friends. The Dad’s Hat Straight Rye portion begins at 59:11.


Distillers collaborate on a special reserve Pennsylvania rye

Bob Batz Jr.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Seven distilleries across the state are contributing their rye whiskeys to create a special reserve Pennsylvania rye that will benefit the Whiskey Rebellion Festival.

The blending will be done in Washington, Pa., which is home to the festival and one of the flashpoints in the 1794 insurrection by farmers who thought they were being unfairly taxed on the whiskey they made from the rye they grew.

Read the full story…


Dad’s Hat Maple Finish Makes the “Glass of 2019”

Pittsburgh Current’s spirits writer Haley Frederick recently gave a “Glass of 2019″ nod to one of our personal faves – Dad’s Hat Maple Finish Rye. The Current’s Drinks Issue profiles many amazing distillers like Dad’s Hat working right here in Pennsylvania to give you an introduction to a few notable spirits that we think you should try.

Read the full story…


Straight Rye Gets A Fresh New Makeover

Dad’s Hat Rye is very excited to announce that we are transitioning our straight whiskey from a previous standard of 3 years old to a minimum age of 4 years old. To celebrate, we are marking the upgrade with a new green label so it will be easy for fans to pick out this new product.

After many of our own internal taste tests, and industry expert evaluations, we concluded that the extra time in the barrel is worth the wait!

Learn more about Dad’s Hat Straight Rye Whiskey at the jump.


All New Festive Rye Whiskeys Now Available

Get down to historic Bristol, PA for an all new selection of festive whiskeys. Now available just in time for the holiday season – Dad’s Hat Maple Syrup Finish Rye and Honey Finish Rye!

Both of these new double finish whiskeys are made with our Classic Rye spirit then aged a second time in barrels that previously housed their local farm-made namesakes to add a distinct yet subtle edge. Nothing artificial is added, this is pure natural flavor.

That’s not all! We’re also releasing our rendition of an old school whiskey favorite as we introduce Dad’s Hat Rock & Rye – a blend of rye whiskey, fresh fruit, exotic spices and rock candy syrup.

All three rare spirits will be up for grabs on-site at our distillery this holiday season. We’ll be open this holiday season from 4pm to 7pm during the week starting December 10th for your holiday purchases, or if you just want to stop in for a cocktail.

Drop by and grab your limited edition bottles today!



For more information on Dad’s Hat events or promotions, contact us:


Most Saturday afternoons (by appointment only), we offer tours of the Dad’s Hat Rye distillery in Bristol, PA. 

Reserve your distillery tour today.